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Water Aerobics

Swimming is great exercise, a challenging sport, effective
therapy, a valuable life skill, and just plain fun. There’s
nowhere better to learn than the Y. Our classes are
about more than just teaching techniques, they’re about
building confidence and nurturing potential, progressing
with your needs and abilities, from introductory to

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Swim Lessons

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The Y offers a wide range of swimming options. Structured classes are divided by skill level and taught by certified instructors who guide with praise and encouragement. Students will improve swimming skills, build confidence in the water and learn personal safety.

Parent/Child (Ages 6 Months-3 Years): At the Y, we want parents and children to feel comfortable in the water. Objectives of the program are fun, exercise, parent education, water adjustment and safety. Parents are in the pool with their children. Swim diapers and swimsuits are required for all children. Parents are required to wear swimsuits.

LEVEL 1 Water Acclimation - This level one is for the swimmer who is brand new to the water or who has very little swimming experience. These lessons teach water adjustment skills and help swimmers develop independment movement for gliding and floating on the front and back. Students also learn to roll from front to back and back to front. Students learn submerging and pool safety skills.

LEVEL 2 Water Movement - This level builds upon previous skills where the swimmer improves submerging, floating, and gliding skills. Students also learn treading water. A goal is for the swimmer to swim, float and then swim for five yards.

LEVEL 3 Water Stamina - In this level, the student learns to swim on the front and on the back with the goal being to swim 15 yards. Students also continue improving water treading skills. Being able to swim, float, and swim for 25 yards is a goal.

LEVEL 4 Stroke Introduction - In level four, stroke technique is introduced for freestyle (front crawl), breast stroke, butterfly, and backstroke (back crawl). The resting stroke taught is the elementary backstroke. Diving is introduced from a sitting position. Students learn to tread water with a goal being to tread for one minute. The endurance goal for this level is for students to swim for 25 yards.

LEVEL 5 Stroke Development - In this level, stroke technique is further developed. The resting stroke taught at this level is the side stroke. Students dive from a kneeling position. The students have a goal to tread water for two minutes. Swimming continously for 50 yards is also a goal.

LEVEL 6 Stroke Mechanics - In this level, stroke technique is refined and endurance goals are increased. Open and flip turns are practiced. Standing dives are also introduced and practiced. The swimming endurance goal is increased to 150 yards.

Private Lessons (Ages 4+): Private lessons are taught one-on-one. Ideal for swimmers who want personal instruction specific to their needs. Sessions will include eight 1 hour lessons that are scheduled by the swimmer and the instructor.

Swim Team

Y Swim Team offers kids the opportunity for strong individual growth through a dynamic team experience. Team members make new friends, challenge themselves and get great workouts.

Mini Torpedoes(Ages 4 & up): This program is designed for kids with interest in joining the Twin Pike Torpedoes Swim Team. Mini Torpedoes must be able to swim half the length of the pool unassisted without stopping and/or grabbing the wall. We do not expect your swimmer to have a perfect stroke. Please note that Mini Torpedoes is NOT a substitute for swim lessons.

Twin Pike Torpedoes (Ages 5-18), Summer League: The Twin Pike Torpedoes are a part of the River Country Swim League. The summer season will run through the summer months of May - August, dates TBA. Swimmers must be able to swim 1 lap (25 yards freestyle). Parent involvement is important to the success of our swim teams. Parents are asked to volunteer for home and away meets.

Twin Pike Torpedoes (Ages 5-21), Winter League: The Twin Pike Torpedoes Fall/Winter Swim Team is a great opportunity to introduce your child to competitive swimming. The team is a part of the Heartland Area Swim League. The Fall/Winter season will run September–March, dates TBA. Swimmers can choose to participate by month. Every swimmer must be a member of the Twin Pike Family YMCA. This is a league and national requirement. Swimmer must be able to perform 25 yards in Freestyle within 1:00 minute and Backstroke within 1:00 minute. For more information please contact the Aquatics Director Joe MacLaughlin.
email: joe.maclaughlin@twinikefamilyymca.org.

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Water Aerobics

Adults looking to challenge themselves without stress on their joints or members who just enjoy the water can take advantage of our different water exercise classes. Instructors lead small groups through water aerobics, core strengthening and much more. Water aerobic classes are a great way to gain muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance from the aerobic choreography and the resistance of the water. Ideal for all fitness levels, non-swimmers included. See pool schedule for details.

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Open Swim & Lap Swimming

Note: Open swim will be closed during certain aquatic programs. See the pool schedule for details. To ensure that you have the opportunity to strengthen family through quality time together or develop a wellness routine in the water, the Y provides open recreational and lap swimming as part of your membership or daily pass access.

Twin Pike Family YMCA Certification Courses

The Twin Pike Family Y offers a variety of certification courses, from Lifeguarding to CPR/First Aid/AED. For specific dates, times and fees, please contact Hannah Williams. email: hannah.williams.twinpikeymca@gmail.com

Lifeguard Training: The Y offers a full YMCA of the USA Lifeguard training course that includes American Health and Safety Institute CPR for the Professional Rescuer (CPRO), First Aid, and Oxygen, equipment-based rescues for aquatic environments, accident prevention, and decision making skills.

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Participants must be 16 years old by the end of the class. Attendance, full participation, and successful completion of written tests and performance of all water skills are required.

Participants must be able to:

  • Pass all online YUSA life guard e-learnings & ASHI e-learnings
  • Tread water for at least 2 minutes
  • Swim 100 yards of front crawl
  • Swim 50 yards each of: front crawl with head up, sidestroke, breaststroke, breaststroke with head up, inverted breaststroke kick with hands on stomach
  • Perform a feet first surface dive in 8 to 10 feet of water and then swim underwater for 15 feet
  • Perform a series of tasks given by the instructor to demonstrate listening and scanning ability as well as stamina and endurance

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CPR, First Aid, AED: Successful completion of this class will earn participants an American Health and Safety Institute certification.

Certification requirements:

  • Must be present at all class sessions, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Must display maturity and a positive attitude throughout the entire class
  • Must be proficient with all skills taught in class and receive 80% or higher on the written tests and 100% on skills test
  • Money will not be refunded for those that do not pass the course.

For any questions regarding aquatics, swim team or certification courses please contact:
Jane Riley, Aquatics Director, jane.riley@twinpikefamilyymca.org
Joe MacLaughlin, Swim Team Director, joe.maclaughlin@twinpikefamilyymca.org
(573) 754-4497

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